What to do in Brussels?

Brussels is not just a city for conferences, conventions, trade fairs and incentives. The Belgian capital also comes out top with interesting experiences to accompany your event. What comes to mind when you hear the name Brussels? What is Belgium famous for? Chocolate? Beer? Europe? All of these, of course. Culinary fringe programmes can be had in almost any city on the planet. Instead, we would like to suggest a condensed 'Tour of Europe'.

Atomium and Mini Europe

You will probably be familiar with the giant Atomium in Brussels. This 105-metre-high building was erected for the 1958 World Fair as a symbol of the atomic age. Inside this gigantic replica iron crystal are several spheres with exhibition spaces that are open to the public. The top sphere houses a restaurant with panoramic views of the city. Visitors can move between spheres along walkways running through the interconnecting tubes.

At the foot of the Atomium, the 'Mini Europe' park contains scaled-down models of European landmarks. Almost 30 countries are represented, with structures including windmills, trains, aerial gondolas and even an erupting Vesuvius volcano. Your journey will take you from the Leaning Tower of Pisa via the Eiffel Tower in Paris all the famous European sights.

Take your conference participants or employees on a whistle-stop tour of Europe!

Whether your interests lean towards cultural, culinary, sports or creative themes – we are sure we can help you find the right fringe programme.